Call of Duty on PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita will put those dual sticks to work in the world’s most popular shooting franchise when it gets its own Call of Duty game this fall.

In speaking with GameTrailers, Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, confirmed that the PS Vita would see an entry in the Call of Duty franchise this fall. The way he confirmed the news was both strange and nonchalant. Longworth was talking about what his kids are excited to play this autumn when he said:

“…they’re really looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita, and we think that’s going to be an absolute game-changer for the platform.”

Sony and Activision have not announced which Call of Duty title will hit the PS Vita, whether it’s an older game in the line or the brand new entry that’s likely to release this fall. The system is definitely getting one of the franchise, and that should do a number for sales.

In other news, we fully expect the sun to rise in the east tomorrow as well as, if things go according to plan, set in the west. News at 11.