Live-action trailers have become all the rage for the gaming industry these days. Whether it’s Assassin’s Creed III or Halo 4, it seems like we’re seeing several live-action takes on virtual worlds in trailer form each and every week.

Activision has continued the trend with a brand new live-action trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. They’ve done these “soldier in all of us” ads a bit over the last several years. This latest entry is just another mark in that line.

As for notable characters in the clip, well, I only recognized two. No Jimmy Kimmels or Kobe Bryants this year. Instead, Activision’s marketing team settled on folks from the old trailers (recognize the fry cook from way back when?), one film actor and a current YouTube celebrity. That celeb is the host of FPS Russia, a popular channel that deals in weaponry. Seriously, it’s pretty awesome.

And, in case you missed him, Robert Downey Jr. was the fighter pilot.

What do you think of the ad?

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