Treyarch is about to release their third round of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops with the Annihilation map pack. Due out June 28th (exclusively for XBLA, PC and PSN likely one month later), this pack features four new multiplayer maps and one new zombie level.

While the Treyarch team often catches flak from fans for, well, not being Infinity Ward, one has to consider the fact that each of their maps tends to deliver a unique flavor of its own. That's especially true for each entry so far in the series of DLC that have been released. Annihilation, as discussed in the video above, will look to recapture that flare for unique map making with skirmishes in places like drive-ins and golf courses.

Love it or hate it, the DLC offerings in Black Ops have each been selling like gangbusters. They're all priced at 1200 Points, or $15 dollars, and fans apparently find that cost reasonable enough to buy them millions of times over.

Will you be picking up Annihilation when it drops later this month (or later in July)? Or do you hate Call of Duty: Black Ops so much that you with it would be……annihilated……?

Give me a break, it's late.