Battlefieldis promising fans the lofty goal of a full-blown World War 1 shooter, and the gaming audience has been universal in its desire to go back in time. I can hear the DeLorean engines revving as I type!

Well, Call of Duty nearly had a time-bending game on its own hands, one that would have made DICE's 100 year jump into the past seem like a stroll into yesterday. 100 years? Try 2000 years, all the way back to Ancient Rome.

Citing multiple sources, GamesRadar claims in its scoop that earlier in the decade, Skylanders studio Vicarious Visions had Call of Duty: Roman Wars in development, but it never got off the ground and certainly not into the public. A single prototype level involving the Battle of Alesia in 52 BC was all the studio ever got around to making, and it involved war elephants, catapults, and other means of taking down enemy archers.

The game would have taken place during the reign of Julius Caesar and followed his most trusted soldiers of the 10th Legion. This army waged war on the Germanic tribes from the years 58-50 B.C.

Still not convinced? Well, just remember when Far Cry took us back to the Ice Age. The future is in the past, my friend. Check out GamesRadar's full story for more details.