So far, there are 12 states that allow online voter registrations. The latest to join the ranks is California, which has just launched a new portal that revamps its previous system.

While it’s a little strange that the home state of Silicon Valley wouldn’t be the first to get its digital processes hammered out, at least it’s better late than never. And the new process could spur more registrations than ever before. (That’s no small matter, considering California is the third largest state in the nation.)

Under the previous process, eligible residents were able to register online, but the procedure wasn’t completely digital; it was more like a hybrid that still required users to mail in a hard copy paper form. This certainly wasn’t ideal — research shows that this extra step tended to thwart many would-be voters. Thanks to this new system, that obstacle should sufficiently be cleared out of the way.

Whether it can compete with that of Washington state remains to be seen. Viewed as one of the more innovative systems, Washington’s uses a Facebook app to pre-populate certain data fields and handle processing.

At this point, the states that currently allow online voter registrations are California, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Maryland and New York. According to Ourtime, a voter registration advocate organization, Connecticut, Delaware and Hawaii are moving toward it as well.

If you’re a California resident who’s eligible to vote, you can hit up the new portal at the California Secretary of State’s website here and register now.

[Via TechCrunch]