Who says geeks don't have a sense of humor? Reporters at 10 News in San Diego got their hands on a highly unusual video — a Star Trek spoof filmed at a nuclear power plant in California.

The "SONGS Trek" video features workers at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) training simulator. But this was no practical joke from employees fooling around. The footage, which was shot three years ago, cost $800 to produce and features the former and current station managers playing Captain Kirk and the ship's Commander. No one outside the plant was intended to see this — it was for internal use only as an employee recognition video.

Unfortunately, the plant had an emergency situation — a radiation leak in 2012 — which casts the vid in a negative light. Critics call it inappropriate, and some even wonder if employees were too busy horsing around to take their work seriously.

At this point, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has reportedly completed its review and concluded that the production didn't compromise safety.

We're not sure how long the video will stay live, so if it get pulled, you can catch it directly on YouTube at this link.