At a glance, the Calendar Watch looks like an ordinary wristwatch. The design is simple and elegant, with polished edges and physical watch hands ticking away beneath a glass cover. But a closer look at the device reveals an ingenious addition to the ordinary timepiece, giving it a uniquely digital feature you won’t find on any other watch, dumb or smart.

What makes the Calendar Watch so special is its e-ink screen, which is similar to the display used by Pebble. But unlike a full-featured smartwatch, this new wearable only does one thing. It keeps track of your calendar, letting you know how many meeting you have planned for any given day.

The feature is as simple as possible to use. The Calendar Watch screen fills in any time it knows you’re busy with a darker shade. You won’t see any specific details beyond that, but you can tell at a glance if the next 12 hours will be calm or hectic. Double-tap quickly on the screen to see the following 12 hours.

In theory, the watch could do so much more, but that would undo the beautiful simplicity of the device. Adding extra widgets and features could also cut into battery life, which currently last up to a month on a single charge.

“It only has one function,” company co-founder and CEO Igor Basargin told TechnoBuffalo, “and we think that’s quite enough.”

The overall design is simple too, without a single button or knob in sight. In back, you’ll find four screws for removing the lugs if you want to swap out your band for a new one. Otherwise, it’s sleek and seamless, with a timeless look that stands out for all the right reasons.

The Calendar Watch works with a special app where you can check on battery life and sync the device with most of the major calendar apps. You can also switch between fixed mode, which shows your schedule in standard 12-hour segments, and a flexible mode that lets you pick the starting point. That could be useful if you check your watch in the morning when you wake up, but never schedule any meeting before 9 a.m.

You can pre-order the Calendar Watch for as little as $265 in white or blue, and the black version starts at $287. All orders should ship in September, and Basargin’s assembled an impressive team to make sure everything stays on schedule.