Cadillac unveils CUE

Cadillac is allegedly unwilling to join Apple's new CarPlay insurrection. The automaker has reportedly signed on to use Siri Eyes Free in its CUE infotainment system in 2015 models, however, the company is much more hesitant about CarPlay. The automaker presumably doesn't feel comfortable with Apple dominating the dashboard, and instead wants drivers to prefer its own in-house CUE system. A number of high-profile automakers have already signed on to support CarPlay, which we had an opportunity to  look at in the Ferrari FF.

Cadillac's CUE infotainment solution will already include third-party apps, such as Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, NPR and more, which can be accessed through a touchscreen. Meanwhile, OnStar LTE will be included, with hotspot capabilities built-in. Cadillac no doubt worked tirelessly on providing drivers with its own in-car system, so it's no surprise for the automaker to shy away from CarPlay—for now. Siri Eyes Free still allows Apple to be present in the car. Drivers just won't enjoy the look and functionality of CarPlay, which is designed to mimic the iOS environment.

Unless Cadillac's customers complain in any significant numbers, it's unlikely the company will budge on its CarPlay stance. Right now, automakers confirmed to support CarPlay include Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevy, Kia, Volvo and more. That's quite a few big name companies jumping into the CarPlay bandwagon. However, Cadillac is unwilling to give Apple complete control, and is perfectly content to do its own thing. For a look at CarPlay in action, check out our hands-on walkthrough below.


Cadillac reached out to TechnoBuffalo with a few clarifications. The automaker said it's open to the idea of supporting CarPlay in future vehicles, but that the ball is mainly in Apple's court at the moment. A Cadillac representative said the company is part of a group that has partnered with Apple for possible CarPlay deployment, but it's unclear if anything will occur in the future. The main thing is that Cadillac hasn't given Apple the cold shoulder, and in fact expects CarPlay integration down the road.