Want a free iPad? Just buy a Cadillac equipped with the new touchscreen CUE system and Bob's your uncle. All 2013 Cadillac XTS owners get a free iPad with their new car that's loaded to the brim with CUE training activities, courtesy of the CUE training application. Owners can "test drive" CUE on the iPad before driving the car, hopefully to prevent oodles of touchscreen-based accidents.

If that's not enough, Cadillac dealerships nationwide will feature a resident technology expert, which will most likely be a member of the Geek Squad who owns a suit and golfs a lot as opposed to one who wears cargo shorts and plays World of Warcraft when not inside a Best Buy.

An iPad is a perfect fit for the new XTS, as the car features Magnetic Ride suspension and a 360-degree network of cameras and sensors in addition to the technology of the CUE system.


Innovative Customer Care Comes With CUE Launch

Network of support services and tablet included with each new XTS

DETROIT – An extensive network of services will accompany the launch of the Cadillac User Experience (CUE), the breakthrough in-vehicle system to access entertainment and information. Each 2013 Cadillac XTS buyer will receive an iPad with their new car as part of the customer experience.

"CUE is intuitive, bringing touch and voice controls into the car in really unique and helpful way," said Don Butler, U.S. vice president of Cadillac marketing. "With CUE becoming a signature feature of Cadillac, and with the launch of the XTS luxury sedan, this is an opportunity for us to build a new level into the luxury customer experience."

Cadillac is launching CUE with training and support resources to enable dealers and customers to provide feedback, ask questions and access support in a number of ways. New customer care elements include:

  • A Cadillac CUE App that enables shoppers to "test-drive" the system on an iPad, anytime, anywhere. The CUE app replicates many of the controls and features of the CUE center stack. The CUE center screen and control panel represents the first automotive use of capacitive touch and familiar multi-touch gestures.
  • Every 2013 Cadillac XTS sold in the United States includes an iPad customized for Cadillac buyers with the CUE App, along with the MyCadillac App and OnStar RemoteLink.
  • Each U.S. Cadillac dealership has a trained technology expert to assist customers, providing a personal, local first line of contact during both the shopping and ownership experiences.
  • Twenty-five new Connected Customer Experts are being deployed across the United States. to support the launch of CUE. These connectivity experts provide a resource for in-car electronic technological training, sales and service assistance.
  • Cadillac's existing customer assistance services have added specific CUE experts to answer owner questions. Cadillac's customer assistance center in Austin, Texas, has specially selected and trained advisors who have expertise in infotainment and mobile devices to help answer questions.
  • OnStar, standard on every Cadillac, will have a direct link to these CUE experts as well, for any owners with questions or wishing to provide feedback.
  • Every new Cadillac XTS and ATS buyer will receive a welcome call, creating a personal contact to answer questions or provide feedback.

"We're blending the advanced technology of CUE with the personal touches of a luxury experience," Butler said. "We've built a thorough approach, enabling customers to give us feedback on the technology as they use it, as well as providing support for dealers and buyers who have questions."

Launching later this spring in North America, the new XTS is Cadillac's new interpretation of the luxury sedan. Positioned directly above the brand's centerpiece CTS product line, the XTS is the most technically advanced car Cadillac has produced so far. In addition to the debut of CUE, XTS is the only luxury sedan featuring standard Magnetic Ride Control, the world's fastest-reacting suspension. XTS also offers a 360-degree network of cameras and sensors to enhance driver vision.[press_end]

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