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Do you really need 10 smartphone cases? Or 20 USB drives? Or a huge stash of Swiffer duster cloths? Well whether you do or not, if you live in the state of California, you may still want to get your online orders in before Amazon institutes its state sales tax policy on September 15.

But don’t blame Amazon — it tried to wage that battle last year, but it eventually had to acquiesce to state lawmakers who insisted on enforcing the tax. And despite fighting the good fight, it was still slated to begin a year later, and now, that time is almost nigh.

Given that Californians pay 7.25–9.75% in sales tax, a lot of people seem to be stockpiling supplies now — which can yield some real savings, particularly on bulk orders or online purchases of pricey items. So if you’re in the San Francisco area, Los Angeles, San Diego or anywhere else in the Golden State, you’ll want to be sure to get that PC or snazzy new Amazon Kindle Fire HD into that shopping cart and checked out right away.

[Via LA Times]

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