Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11 and also the second person to walk on the moon, was recently evacuated from the South Pole. Ever an explorer, Aldrin posted a picture to Twitter just two days ago, on November 29, stating: "South Pole here I Come! #antarctica #WhiteDesert #GYATAntarctica.

Aldrin, now 86 years old, is pictured in a photograph before boarding a plane. He's wearing sunglasses and a Mars t-shirt with American flag-striped suspenders, a rather youthful and fun look. He had traveled to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and was evacuated to New Zealand via the McMurdo station, The National Science Foundation (NSF) said on Thursday.

The National Science Foundation didn't provide many details on the evacuation and only noted that a distress signal came from a private tourism firm named White Desert this morning. The NSF said it sent an LC-130 cargo plane, an aircraft with ski equipment enabling it to land on snow, to pick up Buzz Aldrin. The NSF didn't say what the issue was but did suggest it involves medical problems.

Our thoughts are with Buzz

"NSF will make additional statements about the patient's medical condition only as conditions warrant," the foundation said in a press release. Our thoughts are, of course, with Buzz Aldrin and his family at this time. We hope he makes a speedy recovery if one is needed.