Super Smash Bros - 052

You ever see the movie City Slickers? Remember the scene where Billy Crystal has to explain to Daniel Stern that you don’t have to leave the same channel on to record a broadcast? I can imagine that this is what some of the more tech savvy employees at Nintendo have to do every day with their superiors when it comes to the modern connected world.

Microsoft does it, Sony does it, and now Nintendo does it too! As spotted by NeoGAF users, video gamers exclusively in the North American region can purchase a game on the PC and have the option to have it “automatically downloaded onto the system associated to your Nintendo Network ID,” meaning your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

In less words, you can buy your Nintendo games through a PC! I mean, you can even pre-order them! There is no pre-loading option like on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but Nintendo does the next best thing by offering an automatic download at midnight!

Here’s the store screen for, for instance, Hyrule Warriors. Notice the “Buy digital” button?

Hyrule Warriors on the PC

There are still a few areas Nintendo needs to address with these options, the most noticeable of which is not being able to use the option for third-party games. Seriously though, does Nintendo really have to worry about that at this point? They also have to start looking into other regions, but for the most part, they did it!

They really did it!