Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare - Free Upgrade

“XBO,” is that a thing that I can do? I don’t know. Maybe? I’m doing it, folks. The Xbox One is now the XBO. Call the cops.

I’m not the only one throwing caution to the wind here. Activision has announced that it’s offering a free new generation console upgrade to folks looking to buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this fall. If you buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare digitally for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to download the Xbox One of PlayStation 4 version for free.

There are some rules, of course. This only applies to digital purchases, first of all. You can only upgrade within the same console family (that’s unlike what Bungie did with Destiny). The offer expires on March 31st, 2015. Finally, all multiplayer progression will transfer to the new version of the game that you play.

Again, you must stick within the same console family here. If you think you’re eventually going to get a PlayStation 4, you’ll want to digitally buy the PlayStation 3 version of Advanced Warfare.

Now, to add an extra layer of complication here, Sony’s gone ahead and made Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a Cross-Buy capable game. Maybe it was just easier on their end to do this, but it’s a slight win for consumers. If you buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on either PS3 or PS4 platform, you’ll get the version you don’t buy for free.

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