Amazon has a sweet deal going on for the three people who still don't own a copy of Borderlands. For this weekend only, the Game of the Year Edition of Gearbox Software's popular first person shooter RPG is on sale for a whopping 75%, just in case lazy shoppers missed one of the many discounts it had during the Steam Summer Sale.

At Amazon, though, purchasing the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition will also net a 10% discount on the upcoming sequel, Borderlands 2. Amazon already has the game knocked down 10% to $53.99, making the price a mere $48.59 with the the deal's 10% added on top. The deal can also be added to the four pack as well, bringing the value of $161.97 down to $145.78. The sale only applies to the PC versions of both games.

Borderlands 2 will release on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 this September 18th. Amazon's sale goes offline at midnight on July 30th, so hurry on over if you need yet ANOTHER copy of the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition.

[via Joystiq]

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