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If you purchased a new iPad today you may be looking to get rid of your old first or second generation iPad. eBay is running its own trade-in program and it's actually offering some pretty solid payments — even for broken iPads. eBay reached out to TechnoBuffalo and confirmed that it's offering the following prices depending on whether or not the iPad is in working condition or not:

[table id=46 /]

Not too shabby of a deal and, in fact, Apple will only pay up to $320 for the highest-end iPad 2 in working condition, so it looks like eBay has a better offer. The online auction site also said that it started an Instant Sale the day Apple announced its new iPad and that, so far, it has made more than 140,000 trade-in offers to those looking to get rid of an old tablet in exchange for cash. If you do the math on that figure, that's about 14 trade-ins per minute for the past seven days.