Scion-iQ-PS-Vita-WideWhat is this, automotive infomercial month? First Ford dangles a GoPro HD Hero2 in front of prospective 2013 Ford Focus ST buyers, and now Scion is tempting future iQ owners with a free Playstation Vita. According to Scion’s website:

Purchase or lease a NEW 2012 Scion iQ between May 1, 2012 and July 31, 2012 and receive a PlayStation Vita as a gift with purchase. Offer is valid during promotion time frame while PlayStationVita quantities last.

While this offer is certainly exciting for any small car or portable video game enthusiast, Scion says it will take 10-12 weeks for new iQ owners to receive their Vita. Regardless, it’s still pretty nifty. Now drivers can play Vita while driving instead of texting. Awesome!