Walmart is reportedly ready to enter the automotive sales market as early as this spring, according to Automotive News. The retailer has not yet confirmed its intentions but will reportedly begin working with AutoNation, CarSaver and lenders to start selling in select markets beginning April 1.

Automotive News said Walmart has plans to open special counters in Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Dallas and Houston where consumers can begin the car-buying process. 25 Walmart Supercenters are said to partake in the new initiative to start, with nationwide Walmart locations to add the service by 2019.

The shopping process will take place at CarSaver kiosks inside Walmart where CarSaver employees will help consumers find a car, Automotive News explained. Then, once a shopper has found the car he or she wants to buy, he or she will go and visit a dealership to finalize the purchase. All of the dealerships with available cars are within 15 minutes of the Walmart location, Automotive News said.

You'll still end up at a dealer

This means Walmart isn't the one actually holding car inventory in its lots; rather, it is simply providing space for CarSaver to connect consumers with dealers in the area. Still, it's the first time consumers will be able to walk into a Walmart to try to find a new vehicle, which is pretty compelling.