Net Activations by Platform

Just a few years ago you’d be hard pressed to find a corporate user holding anything else than a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, and most of the time it was a BlackBerry device. Times have changed, however, and so have the preferences among corporations issuing smartphones and tablets to employees. Good Technology recently released its Good Technology Mobility Index, which analyses the enterprise preferences for mobile operating systems in use across Fortune 100 companies, and across different industry sectors. iOS is the favored platform by a large margin.

“From a device perspective, we continued to see an increase in iOS activations this quarter, which we can attribute to two new iPhone models coming to market just before the start of the quarter,” the company said. “As many organizations are migrating away from BlackBerry to meet end user demand and embrace newer platforms like iOS and Android, they are deploying Good’s cross-platform solution to secure both their data and devices.” Most enterprise users depend on their devices for document editing, which is the most used enterprise application.

iOS represented 73 percent of all enterprise device activations during the quarter, up 1 percent from the prior quarter and 4 percent over the same period last year. Android activations fell one percentage point to 26 percent of all activations, the firm said. Windows Phone, meanwhile, represented just 1 percent of all activations, which is somewhat surprising given that document editing is the most-used app, one of the strengths of Microsoft’s platform.

91.4 percent of the tablets activated during the quarter ran iOS, while just 8.6 percent ran Android, Good Technology explained. iOS tablet activations actually decreased to 19 percent in Q4, however, while Android activations remained flat at two percent – that suggests there were just fewer reasons to upgrade, or perhaps that Windows RT or Windows 8 took a share and just weren’t represented.

Since iPads were the most used tablets, it’s interesting to note where they are being deployed. 46.8 percent of the activations were from financial services firms, while 13.8 percent were represented by business and professional services companies. Manufacturing deployments represented 9.4 percent of all iPad deployments, followed by government and public sector activations (9 percent), healthcare (3.8 percent), communications (2.8 percent), legal (2.4 percent), entertainment, information and media (2.4 percent), retail (2 percent) and other (7.6 percent).

To play devil’s advocate: Good Technology’s data gives us a good look at the enterprise spread, but it only represents the company’s enterprise customers. There are other solutions out there, and those deployments might see very different activation figures.