Burnout Paradise

Oh Burnout. Such a great racing series, but such a brutal and swift end to its magnificent run. Nobody wanted to see it shelved for Need for Speed, but that's unfortunately what happened. With no new Burnout games on the horizon, many fear a generation in which Burnout will not be playable on the current consoles.

Never fear! Criterion Games is working with Microsoft to ensure that the last full on racing game, Burnout Paradise, be made available on the Xbox One through backward compatibility.

Burnout Paradise is the best choice to represent the series for the next few years because I doubt Microsoft will be digging back into the first Xbox console to emulate Burnout 3 Takedown. I've always liked Burnout Paradise, but it was also the first game that showed me perhaps open-world gaming isn't always the answer. Its racing is top notch, but I always went back to Takedown because of how easily I could access the actual races through menus.

Anyway, it's a good choice, and Burnout Paradise is a popular enough game to ensure it makes the cut.