In the Burnout franchise, one of the classic modes that fans regularly adored and sunk hours of play into was the havoc wreaking Crash mode. Essentially, players would drive into a high-traffic scenario, crash their vehicle and then slowly guide it into other vehicles in order to cause the highest amount of damage. Damage was calculated with dollars, the more expensive the chaos, the better player did.

EA and Criterion elected to take that Crash mode from Burnout, slim it down, add a top-down angle, toon it up a bit and toss it onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. The result was, well, mediocre. The game wound up feeling a little too small and repetitive, even for the arcade style of both networks. It sells for $10.

Now it's available on the App Store for iOS devices. The good news? It's $4.99. For that price tag, the game makes sense.

If you're looking to try a nice, distracting, light destruction game for one of you iOS devices, give Burnout CRASH! a go. It's a universal app, so the price tag only applies once if you want to play it on multiple devices.

The Hasselhoff trailer above, though? Terrible.

[via App Store]

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