Nest had nothing to show at last week’s Google I/O, but a new product from the company is reportedly imminent. According to Android Police, Nest is going to introduce a new 4K security camera, providing users with improved video quality over existing versions.

There’s a small caveat to that, however, as Android Police notes.

“The sensor in Nest’s unannounced camera will be capable of recording in 4K, but the image it shows you will be in 1080p,” the report says. “It essentially zooms in on a 1080p section of the full frame.”

So, when the camera detects motion, it will zoom in on the subject while still retaining high quality. We do this all the time with video footage and photography that’s on our website.

The camera won’t be able to stream or record in 4K, which would likely push the limits of home networks. But, instead, as described above, the higher resolution will actually be shown in 1080p, while allowing a zoomed in section to look crisp and clear.

Android Police’s report claims the camera will be powered by USB Type-C and feature an LED ring around the lens to let people know it’s recording. The camera allegedly looks like Nest’s existing Outdoor camera, though it was designed for use indoors only.

Due to the camera’s larger sensor, it will apparently cost as much as $300 when it launches. Android Police says the Nest 4K camera will be announced by the end of May.