Burglars stole about $13,000 worth of goods from an Apple Store in Natick, Massachusetts, according to MetroWest Daily News. If there were any hopes that Apple might one day deliver untethered iPhones to U.S. Apple Stores, as it has in other places around the world, those plans might be squashed.

According to the news outlet, a total of seven thieves worked over the Apple Store and stole a total of 19 iPhones. Men and women were reportedly involved in the theft, though the thieves may be as young as teenagers. Given the price of an unlocked iPhone can cost more than $1,000, it’s easy to see how 19 of them could have quickly added up. Their plan of attack wasn’t very advanced; instead, the bunch of burglars simply ripped the iPhones from their display stations.

MetroWestDaily said all seven thieves strolled into the Apple Store and “less than a minute later, they all grabbed iPhones from the chargers and tore them away from the security cord that secured them,” before running away on foot. This is the second such incident in recent weeks, as the news outlet said it also happened in Hingham, about an hour drive to the east. There, too, a group of folks ran into an Apple Store and stole as many iPhones as possible.

“We’ve been hearing about this,” LT. Cara Rossi told MetroWestDailyNews. “They’re traveling in packs. They brazenly walk in together and steal.”

Dear looters: Apple can remotely wipe iPhones, bricking them in the process

While the loot may be attractive, the criminals don’t seem to be very bright. Apple is able to remotely kill and wipe iPhones, rendering them effectively useless, if they’re stolen. Indeed, this is one of the very reasons Apple is comfortable untethering the smartphones in other markets around the world. While it may lose some inventory, the iPhones quickly turn into locked bricks in the hands of thieves, effectively losing any street resale value.

It’s easy to see why iPhones are easy targets, though. They’re highly desirable smartphones right now and, unlike Mac computers in the store, are much easier to snatch and run with. MetroDailyNews said that, despite the large number of individuals involved in the theft, it hasn’t identified a single one yet. That means this crime spree may continue.