Destiny Awaits

Bungie had been locking away Destiny very tightly for many years since leaving the Halo franchise, but a leak from just a few days ago finally exposed their upcoming plans long before the media blitz. It’s no small feat to keep such a huge secret for so long in an age where just about anything can expose your secrets.

Here’s the thing:  Bungie has been waving the=us concept under our nose for years.

Curious fans playing through the Halo 3: ODST campaign raised a few questions with Bungie on their Twitter page about a mysterious plaque found in the game. The plaque contains the planet Earth and the moon and a simple phrase which reads “Destiny awaits,” very similar to the new game’s title concept art.

Bungie Destiny

Of course, without the context of Bungie’s upcoming IP name at the time, many would just simply pass this off as an ordinary in-game advertisement or decoration. Turns out that the gamers were right to be curoius.

Vic Deleon, a level designer working for Bungie on the Halo games, confirmed the find stating “IT’S FINALLY BEEN FOUND!”

Just one of those cool little retrospective things about video games.

[via Kotaku]