Rejoice, Halo fans. Bungie is now, this is sort of scary, 20 years old. The development studio originally founded in 1991 and has gone on to create one of the most successful shooter franchises of all time. Now, their gift to the ultimate Halo: Reach fans out there is free to download for iOS devices on the App Store.

What is it, exactly? It's an application built from the ground up as a stat tracker, community monitor and news gathering device for the Halo: Reach universe. Players will be able to check out the addicting daily challenges, their progress on commendations or how their friends and foes have been doing in recent multiplayer bouts. Moreover, fans will have access to some free, online goodies.

From the App Store:

From the creators of the award-winning Halo games and, Bungie Mobile lets you check out your Halo: Reach Challenge and Commendation progress, link up with the news feed, and get access to our online swag bag (Love, Bungie!). Whether you're on the go or on the can, Bungie Mobile will help keep you connected.

Bungie has a lot planned for the mobile space, according to the news update that accompanied the launch of this mobile service. This is the first step of many, supposedly. What that means for fans is unclear. However, understand that Bungie is no longer tethered to Microsoft and the Xbox brand. We could be seeing more in the way of Halo or Bungie centric gaming applications in the near future.

With the developer's renowned penchant for quality, that's a scene we'd love to enjoy.

If you're a ravenous fan of the Halo multiplayer experience in Halo: Reach and you own an iOS device, snag the Bungie mobile app. It's free. For those on other devices with other OS types, nothing has been announced…yet.

We'll have more as it comes.


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