Bungie Aerospace is a project within Bungie, makers of Halo and now independent of Microsoft, created to release mobile and social games on behalf of smaller, independent studios. This first project in, hopefully, a line of many is Crimson: Steam Pirates by HareBrained Schemes.

This turn-based, action, strategy title features steampunk themed pirate ships in a completely new and unique world. The first eight levels, two "pass and play" multiplayer scenarios, 20 crew members and slew of ships and weapons are completely free once the game launches. Chapter 2, "Tales of Captain Blood," will cost $1.99, feature eight more missions and be available immediately.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is set to release on September 1st (next Thursday) for the iPad only. That exclusivity will wear out as the game will migrate to the rest of iOS, Steam and Android shortly after.

HareBrained Schemes is hoping to support Crimson: Steam Pirates beyond the initial missions, characters, ships and weapons that will launch with the title. According to their site, they claim that these first 16 missions are only the beginning of the Crimson world.

And, as far as we're concerned, the tablet world could always use some more fantastic, top-down, action, strategy games. It's a genre that's always been capable of redefining the concept of a time sink. If it's any good, trying Crimson: Steam Pirates once will have you hooked.

iPad owners will have first dibs on the initial content for free starting September 1st.

[via Bungie.net]