Smartphone battery life is still waiting for that next big breakthrough and, until then, we’re all stuck carrying around battery packs for refueling on the go. So if you need to carry around an extra battery, it might as well be one that looks good and works well, too, right?

That’s the idea behind Bump, a new all-in-one charger.

It comes  from the same designers who created Bobble, a stylish plastic water bottle with a built-in filtration system. Bump takes a similar hybrid approach, combining battery pack and wall plug into a single egg-shaped product. There’s also a separate specially designed cable, which you can store in a rubbery holder that also wraps around the battery pack to protect it during travel.

Everything is carefully designed, and the attention to detail is obvious. Bump feels great and looks pretty nice sitting on a desk, too. It comes in four different colors at launch, including black, red, blue and purple.

As for the specs. You’re getting a 3400mAh power pack, which should be more than a complete charge for most phones. It’s also smart enough to stop automatically when your device’s battery is full. It works with both Android and iOS, and the company will let you pick which type of cable you need when you make your purchase.

Unfortunately, Bump is a bit too big to be practical for carrying around every day, especially once you put it in the holding case. But if you’re on the road, or just headed to work and need an extra battery to throw into your bag, this is a nice option.

You can pre-order Bump for $65 via the source link below to get the battery, cord and holder delivered this May. The company’s also offering a special cable delivery program, which gets you three new cables delivered per year, whenever you need them, for just $10 total.