When you head to the toy aisles this holiday season, you can expect to see a lot of yellow staring back at you. Hasbro provided us with a sampler box of the toys hitting the shelves in support of the Bumblebee movie, and there appears to be something for every age level on the way.

All we know is that after years of Bumblebee being super modern cars, it's nice to see so much love being paid to his Generation 1 VW Bug alt mode.

The trailers for Bumblebee have looked like a ton of fun, and a real love letter to Gen 1 era. We're hoping the toys can spawn another wave so maybe we can get to some of the other characters that have been spotted on Cybertron such as Arcee and Cliffjumper.

You can find a lot of the Bumblebee items on Amazon already, so get to filling those stockings of your loved ones… or building your own collection. We won't tell.

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