I fell in love with Bulletstorm sometime halfway through E3 2010. Not during the press conference when Epic and People Can Fly showed off the wonderfully over-the-top trailer before the convention floor opened. No. I fell in love with Bulletstorm the day I had my appointment with the game.

It's violent, it's fast-paced, it's got way too much testosterone for its own good and it's absolutely awesome. People Can Fly decided to take every overly macho stereotype surrounding the video game world and cram it into one title.

The video above is the third Skillisode, the videos below are the first and second. The whole point of Bulletstorm, aside from delivering macho puns, gutter humor and what's sure to be a mediocre storyline, is to get creative with your violence. You're not just running through a level pulling off consecutive headshots. Bulletstorm has been built around using each weapon and the character himself as a way to chain together unique kill scenarios.

Lasso someone from a distance, drag them in close, shot them with some chain mines, kick them back into a group of enemies, detonate the mines and earn a "Gang Bang." That's just one of 135 killing variants available to creative players. It's all about being gruesome in the most absurd ways. You'll earn a score for your efforts and be ranked amongst your friends and the world.

Will everyone embrace this game? Certainly not. There will be those that find its base humor absolutely appalling. Others will be put off by the macho stereotypes and the perception of video games this title is likely to foster. But then there are those that see this game as nothing more than pure campy goodness.

People Can Fly and Epic know what they're presenting here. It's a glorified macho-fest with a ton of attitude. We praise them for that. In fact, them acknowledging that their game is all about over-the-top arcadey violence actually makes us respect them (and want their product) a little more.

Bulletstorm is set to release in the States on February 22nd. The demo is currently available for download on both the PSN and LIVE marketplaces. The game will be released for the 360, PS3 and PC.