1) Hewlett-Packard announced on Friday that WebOS will be on one of their tablets sometime in the next five months, according to Marty Wong, the head of HP's Personal Systems Group in an interview.  We'll share the details with you.

2) Barnes and Noble has announced that a new DIY publishing option for independent publishers and self-publishing writers will be available this summer and writers will be able to distribute their works through BN.com and Barnes and Noble's e-book store.  How much of a cut will writers get?  We'll discuss that.

3) In consumer news, HP is recalling 54,000 lithium-ion batteries used in HP and Compaq computers after receiving reports of injuries from the batteries overheating and rupturing.  What can you do about that if you have these batteries?

UPDATE: Please find more information regarding the recall here.

4) As of June 1st, if you want to terminate your smartphone contract with AT&T early, it's going to run you a whopping $325 compared to the old rate of $175.  What are your opinions?  Leave a comment.

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