1. Rumors leaked last Monday show that Apple has reportedly started the development for the second generation iPad model and putting aside all the new features that will sugarcoat it, the next-gen iPad will receive an OLED display.
  2. Google announced on Thursday that they will begin to spread local search suggestions in Google Maps to more parts of the world. Users will be able to type a kind of business and/or a city name in the "Search Maps" field, and Google will offer suggestions for places based on the entered location.
  3. Microsoft Windows 7 users who have multitouch screens are now welcomed to download a new series of apps focused to play.
  4. Apple Retail Stores all over the U.S. are turning down customers because of the lack of store stock. The iPad is selling like hotcakes and shipments are slowly trickling onto store shelves. Evidently, Apple is having trouble providing to the masses.  We tell you how to reserve an iPad.