This isn’t like your sister’s voice recognition password journal. For spies, or just normal shmoes, protecting sensitive data is paramount in today’s digital world — whether its top-secret information or blackmail photos. That’s what makes this voice-authenticating 8GB USB drive such an integral tool to anyone’s tech arsenal. Sure, it has the appearance of a normal old thumb drive, but it only submits to a password spoken by the owner, no installation required. Not sure how well it deciphers between voice impressions, though. ($50) [CoolMaterial via Hammacher]

Punch Out CollagesPunch-Out Collages

One of the best games of all time is getting the homage it deserves. Made by artist Chris Lange — and the latest in his gaming inspired works — these collages perfectly capture some of the best characters of the franchise, such as Glass Joe, Don Flamenco, Bald Bull, Piston Honda, Macho Man and Soda Popinski. And you can rest assured these works of art are pure Nintendo through and through; each one is made entirely of old issues of Nintendo Power. Remember that magazine? You can currently pick up these up on Etsy, where Lange is selling sets of nine 5″x5″ prints for $49. [TechnaBob via Etsy]

Jawbone Big JamboxJawbone Big Jambox

Get the same Bluetooth music streaming quality as the smaller Jambox in a much bigger package. For anyone unfamiliar with the Jambox, the device turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable, hi-fi sound system, according to the company’s website. The Big Jambox, though, ups the ante while keeping the same minimalist design. With more precision-tuned drivers and dual passive bass radiators for fuller sound, this puppy packs LiveAudio technology and promises 15 hours of continuous playback.($300) [Uncrate via Jawbone]

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