As unabashed gadget lovers, TechnoBuffalo is always on the look out for the latest innovations in design, function and user experience. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the capacity to cover every product out there and, as a result, many worthwhile goods subsequently don’t get the coverage they deserve. That’s why we’re introducing a weekly roundup of Buffalo Gear: a visual collection of some of today’s most awesome gear and gadgets. From electronics, to toys, to stuff for the outdoors, these are products we wish we owned.

Third Rock Fire Pit

Third Rock Fire Pit

Commemorate the impending December 21, 2012 apocalypse by setting the world ablaze. Ain’t it beautiful? Designed by functional steel artist Rick Wittrig, the Third Rock Fire Pit actually represents  that mysterious feeling you get staring into a burning, snapping campfire – the fiery inner soul that fuels life and connects man with nature. Deep. Each fire pit is made from quarter-inch thick carbon steel and an iron oxide finish, cutouts for each landmass, rain drain in the bottom and a high temperature resistant paint coated on the interior. Admittedly the Third Rock isn’t the most price-friendly fire pit on the market, but it sure beats the cement slabs you find on the beach. [via FirePitArt]


No, this isn’t the return of the Nintendo Power Glove, nor is it a prop from the Oscar-worthy RoboCop movies. It’s actually a device based on grasping technology designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries in both astronauts and autoworkers. The Robo-Glove is equipped with a series of actuators in the upper section of each finger to provide grasping support to human fingers. In addition, the glove has built in pressure sensors that are able to detect when the user is grasping a tool. According to GM, who designed the Robo-Glove in conjunction with NASA, when the device is in use, “the synthetic tendons automatically retract, pulling the fingers into a gripping position and holding them there until the sensor is released.” This, GM says, will help prevent fatigue and injury. The glove is still being tested, but initial results are positive. What would normally require 15-20 pounds of force to hold a tool during operation now only takes 5-10 pounds with the glove. [via GM]

DODOcase Spring colorsNew iPad DODOcase

The new iPad has arrived, so why not add a bit of colorful style with these fresh California-inspired DODOcases? The DODOcase has always been one of the top iPad accessories on the market – what with its expensive-looking vintage notebook design and sturdy construction. Not only are they made using traditional bookbinding techniques and bamboo core, but they also double as a stand, offering you “all the functionality of our classic cases, but with a whole lot of panache,” the company says. Handcrafted in San Francisco, the new iPad DODOcase comes in granite/poppy, meadow/lake, tahoe/sunrise and sandy/earth color combinations. There are three different pricing options: $79.95 as is; an extra $9.95 for personalization; and $4.95 to add a camera hole. [via DODOcase]