the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journeyThis past Friday, Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Hobbit came out in theaters, the first part in a trilogy for J.R.R. Tolkein’s novel. It’s been a pretty long time since we last visited Middle Earth—this time we’re meeting an (almost) entirely new cast of characters as we learn about what transpired before the story of Frodo.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Peter Jackson’s video diaries along the way to release, they’re an interesting inside look at how the movie came to be, and what it takes to develop such a big-budget flick. To celebrate the movie’s release—and because I saw a bunch of cool stuff on ThinkGeek (where else?)—I thought I’d highlight a few items fans of The Hobbit might enjoy.

map-of-middle-earthMap of Middle Earth

How do you expect to find your around Middle Earth without a map? All the major regions are accounted for in this detailed guide: The bustling subcontinent of Beleriand of the First Age, East to the lands of Rhun, West to the Shire and South to Mordor. It isn’t easy being a Hobbit in such a big large, dangerous world. This movie prop is mounted on wood for an authentic Middle Earth feel, measuring in at 16 x 10-inches. Hang it in your office, work cubicle, or your getaway spot in the Shire. [ThinkGeek, $39.99]

f270_thorins_necklaceThorin’s Key Necklace

When you have a key that opens the secret side door of Lonely Mountain, you can’t just rely on keeping it in your pocket. What if it falls out? What if you place it somewhere and forget? When you’re out in battle, or looking for dwarf treasure, perhaps the safest place is to keep the special key on a necklace, so you know it’s there. If you’re an avid cosplayer, this is as good an accessory as you’ll find. [ThinkGeek, $29.99]

f271_hobbit_letter_openers_grid_fixSting and Orcrist Letter Openers

Opening mail sucks, especially if its a bill. Take out some of the annoyance away by wielding orc-defeating blades. They’re obviously not life size, but the detail put into these movie replicas will make you feel like you’re part of the fellowship. Each comes in a wooden collector’s box for safe keeping when you’re not battling treacherous mail, or just to keep on display. [ThinkGeek, $29.99]