Scrabble CoastersScrabble Coasters

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a pretty big fan of Scrabble — I even highlighted the Typography Edition in a previous Buffalo Gear post. So why not encourage our inner-word nerds even more with this Scrabble coaster set? Styled after the iconic board game, the set of 54 recycled double-sided pulp-board coasters is the perfect way to show off your extensive vocabulary at any party, family gathering or barbecue. What does mom always say? “Use a coaster.” For just $18, you can make mom happy while getting a triple word score. [CoolMaterial via Vat19]

Moon GlobeSky & Telescope Moon Globe

No, this isn’t a replica of the Death Star — though that would be awesome; this is actually the “first entirely new globe of the Moon’s surface in over 40 years.” Measuring in at 12-inches in diameter, the Moon Globe comes with 850 labeled locations, meaning you’ll have a lot of memorizing to do once it’s on your desk. Sky and Telescope didn’t just settle, either, making for the most accurate representation of the Moon as possible. Rather than using the Air Force’s Lunar Astronautical Charts, this Moon Globe is instead comprised of over 15,000 pictures taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. For $99.95, you’ll be an expert of the Moon’s surface in no time. [Technabob via ShopAtSky]


There’s been a lot of hubbub over Instgram lately. On top of Facebook’s acquisition of the photo sharing program, folks are crying bloody murder over what it represents. “It’s not real art.” “Now everyone thinks they’re a professional photographer.” “The filters ruin the beauty of photography!” Personally, I enjoy using it, and it’s a fun way to share photos. Which is why I’m including Snapstagram’s awesome service. The online company offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to select batches of 12 photos from your Instagram account and have them printed out as 4″x4″ square prints. The best part is that it only costs $6, including shipping, for 12 prints. If you’re a fan of Instagram, I can’t think of a more perfect way to fill up that blank wall in your room. [via Kickstarter]

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