Nokia 105

There was a time when phones were used for communication—maybe to call family and friends—and that’s it. Even today not everyone needs to play Angry Birds, or Instagram every meal, which devices like Nokia’s new 105 still exist. In an age when phone screens are going Full HD, the Nokia 105, announced at Mobile World Congress, is the anti-smartphone. For only $20 users get a device that’s highly rugged (while retaining Nokia’s signature design) and keeps a charge for 35 full days. Not bad. Although, having used a smartphone for so long, I don’t know if I could ever go back to such an old school handset. [Technabob]


Soccket Ball

What’s beautiful about football (soccer) is that it’s a language many millions of people speak fluently, no matter which country they’re from. And this amazing Soccket Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball is something everyone can easily understand. Created by Uncharted Play, the Soccket is a ball that has the ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy through movement. So not only does this encourage exercise, but it’s a small source of electricity, too. The ball itself, which is made from a durable, deflation-proof EVO foam, is only 1 oz. heavier than a typical football, so you’d hardly notice this is any different. Uncharted Play said only a complementary LED lamp is compatible with the ball, but more gadgets are being designed to work with the Soccket. [$89, Kickstarter]

Lara Croft rain

Tomb Raider

I was skeptical when Crystal Dynamics first showed off its Tomb Raider reboot. The franchise has been walking thin ice for years now, and there was no reason to believe this effort would be any different. But as more information started to come out, and more and more content was shared, it was clear the younger, more vulnerable Lara Croft was different. The game still isn’t officially out in retail channels—official release is March 5—but plenty of outlets have already started reviewing the new Tomb Raider, and so far nothing but good things have been said. I can’t wait.