This used to be the mecca of DIY back in the day — you know, when your grandpa was a youngin. Kids these days are too distracted by video games and reality TV. Why build a wimpy desk clock when you can purchase a smartphone for less than $100? If you are an enterprising young fellow, or someone who just wants to experience the good old days, this DIY Nixie desk clock kit is the perfect throwback to a bygone era. Nixie tubes were once used to display their digits on scientific equipment, voltmeters, counters and control panels. Basically, everything in Victor Frankenstein’s lab. For $150, this is the perfect project to take on for the summer. [Gizmag via ThinkGeek]

Korben Dallas the Fifth ElementKorben Dallas T-Shirt

I know what you’re thinking: “A t-shirt? Seriously?” But it’s from the Fifth Element! Probably the cheesiest — yet coolest — sci-fi movie from the 90s (behind Terminator 2). Leeloo multi-pass? Big bada boom? Is any of this ringing any bells? Listen, saving the universe ain’t easy, especially when there are big ugly lizard-looking aliens being assisted by the evil Mr. Zorg. The next time a scantily clad damsel in distress falls through the roof of your taxi, don’t be alarmed; it’s just the Fifth Element, and it’s now up to you to save mankind. [via ThinkGeek]

Millennium Falcon ice cube trayStar Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Cube Tray

Is this not the perfect addition to any geek’s birthday party? Ok, so maybe if you did have Millennium Falcon ice floating in that big bowl of fruit punch, you probably run the risk of nobody showing up, but who cares? Who cares when you can share a glass with Han Solo and Chewbacca? Did I mention the tray can be used to make chocolates and candies too? Your birthday’s nerd level just surpassed light speed. Use the force, stock up your cooler with Millennium Falcon ice, and prepare for that Kessel Run. [via ThinkGeek]

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