Nintendo 3DS XL

Tablets are all the rage, so perhaps as a way to cater to that crowd — just as the company is with its GamePad controller for the Wii U — Nintendo has unveiled the 3DS XL. To get an idea just how much of an increase this iteration is, the XL comes equipped with screens (top and bottom) that are 90 percent larger than the current 3DS. In addition, the XL's battery tops out at 6.5 hours while playing 3DS games, and up to 10 hours while playing regular DS games. Once it hits on August 19, the XL will come in black, black/blue and black/red, and also come with a 4GB SD card. August 19, if you remember, is the same day new Super Mario Bros. 2 hits, which is one game we're extremely excited to get our hands-on. $199

Poler Camera Cooler

Photographers get thirsty too. If you've ever journeyed to the scorching Coachella valley in April, you know how incredibly refreshing a cold one can be. Soda that is. The Poler Camera Cooler is one of those no-brainer products that was bound to exist at one point or another. Need to carry your lenses and DSLR? The Poler bag can do that. Need to store a few cold ones? Throw an icy pack into the Poler Cooler and you're all set. For just $50, this is the only bag any so-called photographer will ever need for those shoots out in the desert. [via Uncrate]

Microsoft Surface

The Surface is a statement. It's Microsoft's way of saying, "This is how you make a tablet." The devices — Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows 8 Pro — may not overthrow the iPad's dominance, but they don't have to. If nothing else, Microsoft's vision, although still months off, is a way to help encourage and push the tablet market forward. It's a call to OEMs to step up. Who can blame Microsoft? With Windows 8 on the horizon, the Redmond-based company certainly doesn't want its next big OS to drown in mediocrity, like most tablets in the market do. The Surface shows what's possible. Unfortunately, we're still not sure of the pricing.

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