kindle-fire-hdKindle Fire HD

While our boots were strapped tight in anticipation of Amazon’s Sept. 6 Kindle-ganza, we were still left a bit floored by the one-two Fire HD combo. Amazon is aligning itself to become one of the true tablet powerhouses of the market, buoyed by the hugely successful Kindle Fire, and the 7 and 8.9-inch Fire HDs will no doubt increase its share. Amazon isn’t about mind-blowing specs, though these possess the guts to compete; rather, the company is intent on providing tools for consumers that make its playground of books, movies, TV shows and Android applications easily and instantly accessible to the masses. Oh, and Amazon kept its hardware dirt cheap, making the company’s new hardware that much harder to ignore.

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lumia-920Lumia 920

All right, so Nokia wasn’t entirely truthful about PureView’s OIS — the cam does produce some excellent low-light results, fyi — and our faith in the company has dropped as a result. That still doesn’t change the fact that the Lumia 920 is an impressive piece of engineering, and a huge reason to get behind the Windows Phone 8 platform. Built with that renowned styling we fell in love with in the Lumia 900, the 920 comes with a host of fantastic features, including City Lens, offline maps, augmented reality implementation, a PureMotion HD+ curved screen and a maybe, possibly excellent camera. There’s so much more to this handset, and we can’t wait to take it for a spin.


Motorola’s excellent RAZR MAXX just got even better — we almost didn’t think that was possible. Announced alongside a new RAZR M and RAZR HD, the RAZR MAXX HD is the type of device fervent smartphone users need in their arsenal. Packed with an insane 3300mAh battery, sharp screen, beautiful Kevlar build and access to Google’s full suite of apps, what’s not to like? Ok, so maybe the fact that it’s hitting with Android 4.0, and not Jelly Bean. Motorola promised its latest iteration of Android would hit the device before the year is up, and if it doesn’t, the company has a $100 rebate page up as consolation should a delay happen.

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