Even though Imperial Stormtroopers fought for the Galactic Empire, there was always something so cool about their appearance. Secretly, every young child wanted to suit up in that pristine white armor and recognizable helmet—even if they were a clumsy bunch. Thanks to Disney's gazillion dollar property, you'll get a chance to pick up your very own personal figurine.

Through the magic of 3D scanning and printing, Florida's Walt Disney World will offer attendees the opportunity to put their face atop a 7.5-inch-tall Stormtrooper—all for just $99.95. The events will take place during "Star Wars" weekends—every weekend starting May 17 to June 9—and only takes about 10 minutes for the face scanner to snap a high-res 3D shot. Disney will then send the image to a 3D printer, where the figurine takes about 7-8 weeks to print and deliver.

Disney has setup a number for you to call—407-939-8324— if you want to make a reservation. I'd imagine something like this to be quite popular, so better call as early as possible. If the Stormtrooper option isn't to your liking, Disney is also offering a carbon-freeze option.