As unabashed gadget lovers, TechnoBuffalo is always on the look out for the latest innovations in design, function and user experience. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the capacity to cover every product out there and, as a result, many worthwhile products subsequently don’t get the coverage they deserve. That’s why we’re introducing a weekly roundup of Buffalo Gear: a visual collection of some of today’s most awesome gear and gadgets. From electronics, to toys, to stuff for the outdoors, these are products we wish we owned.

Incase DSLR Pro PackIncase DSLR Pro Pack

The third most important part of any photographer’s collection, aside from a good lens and sturdy tripod, is a solid bag. Sure, that raggedy fanny pack dad gave you has room for an extra battery, but what about a telephoto lens, flash, or even your computer for in-field editing? The Incase DSLR Pro Pack has you covered. Designed for photographers who own a vast collection of equipment, Incase’s stylish Pro Pack has enough room to carry an entire work studio. Really. Its main compartment offers an array of fully customizable dividers to safely store all your camera gear, and there’s also separate storage for an iPad and 15-inch MacBook (or any other laptop/tablet combination you prefer). In addition, the Pro Pack also includes comfortable padded shoulder pads, and external straps that let you attach a tripod. It’s perfect for a trip overseas or simple camping adventure. $149.95,


Olympus OM-D EM-5

It’s not just the 16 megapixel four-thirds Live MOS sensor, 3-inch tilt OLED capacitive touch-screen or insane ISO range of 200 – 25,600: what really has TechnoBuffalo excited about the Olympus OM-D EM-5 is its beautiful retro design. Modern, cutting edge digital technologies merged with old school aesthetics. Perfection. In either a black or silver finish, the camera is constructed from magnesium-alloy that is both dust and splash proof, so your camera will be safe from most everyday hazards. Other features include the “world’s fastest” AF system, five-axis sensor-shift system for pitch and yaw rotation correction, and the ability to capture 1080i video at 60fps. As we covered in an earlier post, the Olympus OM-D EM-5 will be available in the following configurations come April: $999 (body only), $1,299 (body plus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50 mm f3.5-6.3 EX lens) and $1,099 (black body with black m.Zuiko Digital 14-42 mm f3.5-5.6 II R lens.

NERF Lazer Tag for iPhone and iPod Touch

NERF Lazer Tag for iPhone and iPod Touch

We here at TechnoBuffalo have been pretty open about our love for everything NERF. In fact, our affection for the toy brand has started to border on the maniacal, and this new Lazer Tag system for iPhone and iPod touch has pushed us far, far over the edge of what can be considered as a healthy obsession. When paired with the Lazer Tag app, your iDevice will show an augmented HUD for real life multiplayer mayhem. Or you can, like, play alone with virtual opponents, but that takes the whole fun out of a NERF product! The app also displays your current gear and power level, and even updates your progress via a global Lazer Tag leaderboard. And the more you play, the more gear and attacks you’ll unlock. Unfortunately, the new Lazer Tag system won’t be available until August 1. Individual blasters will run $40, while a pair will fetch $70. NERF wars are about to reach a whole new level.