Computers today promise all-day battery, and with the introduction of Haswell chips, you’re looking at maybe even a few days depending on your usage. But in those instances when you do need to charge up, and there’s no outlet in sight, you’re either out of luck or you have one of HyperJuice’s terrific portable batteries, whicht offers a solution for Apple’s proprietary MagSafe charger. If you’re constantly on the move, and you absolutely need the extra power, this is a luxury—an expensive one at that—you can’t go without.

We’ve covered HyperJuice products before, and love their utility compared to competing solutions. This one is unique because it’s compatible with Apple’s laptops thanks to its MagSafe adapter, allowing users to charge when outlets aren’t available. HyperJuice 1.5 comes in a verity of iterations, and each includes dual 12W USB ports and 4 stage LED battery indicator; the variations include 60Wh, 100Wh, 150Wh and a whopping 222Wh.

There’s also a HyperJuice 2, which comes with dual 12W USB ports, OLED battery status display, 100Wh and an upgradeable battery cell, casing and logic board. Both the Hyper Juice 1.5 and HyperJuice 2 are specifically designed to power Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with Retina. But such a solution comes at a pretty hefty cost, making these external batteries targeted to only a certain power user. The 222Wh (61,000mAh), for example, starts at $449.95, and doesn’t include Hyper’s Magic Box, which you need to actually use with your Apple laptop.

You have two options if you do purchase a HyperJuice for MacBook: either purchase a Magic Box for MagSafe for $49.95 and modify your existing MagSafe Power Adapter, or buy a buy a pre-modified kit for $149.95, which includes an extra Apple Power Adapter. Either way, you’re looking at an additional cost if you want to use these batteries with your computer, which I can’t see anyone purchasing without intending to use with a laptop. The 222Wh option does get you 53 extra hours of battery for a regular MacBook, which could prove the difference between getting a lot of work done on the go or none at all.

With CES just around the corner, I can see this coming in handy while on the show floor. Hyper’s product will surely only appeal to those who absolutely need the extra laptop battery power, but the nice thing is that it can also power your other mobile gadgets with USB ports. Being that Apple doesn’t allow third-parties to create their own MagSafe chargers, Hyper might be your best and only bet.