Hyper iUSB Port

Simply, this little gadget from Hyper lets users connect any USB storage device and make whatever content is on there available wirelessly. So if you have a movie collection on your portable hard drive, connect it to the iUSB Port, pair your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and start watching instantly. Something like this has been a loooong time coming, and makes you wonder what took so darn long. In addition to its streaming ability, the little device can also act as a separate portable battery, just in case your phone or tablet needs an extra kick of juice. [$100, HyperShop]

IOGear GearPower Ultra

There are a ton of portable battery options already. You might have your favorite—something you always rely on—which is great. Stick with it. If you don’t have one, put this on your list of potential buys. IOGear’s Ultra is an 11,000mAh beast—enough to charge your iPhone 5 up to 7 times—with two USB ports onboard. It doesn’t even weight a pound, and has a pretty sleek white and chrome design. And the price? Only $70, which is pretty good considering the amount of battery you’re getting. I could have definitely used this at CES. [IOGear]


Glamdring The Sword Of Gandalf

Somehow stuff from The Lord of the Rings keeps turning up in Buffalo Gear. I’m not a particularly hardcore fan of the series, but the replica stuff being put out is just so darn cool. Take the Glamdring, which is one of three legendary swords of Gondolin, and wielded by Gandalf himself. We all secretly want to be a white wizard. The replica includes faux blue jewel inlays, genuine leather-wrapped grip, and a wood wall mount so you can display it all nice above your mantle. And maybe wield in front of the mirror from time to time? [$189.99, ThinkGeek]