gopro-hero3-black-editionGoPro Hero3

This little guy is going right into my pocket when it’s released on Nov. 14. If I could get one now I would, but ugh, nope, it’s not out yet. It’s not like I participate in any extreme sports, but man, the videos GoPro make absolutely convince me that the Hero3 needs to be a day-one purchase. Now 30 percent smaller and 25 percent light, the $399 Black Edition, one of three total versions, is definitely one you should have your eye on. Its 4K capabilities aren’t necessarily a consumer-level feature, particularly with a frame rate of 15fps, but 120fps at 720p is pretty awesome for those nice slo-mo moments.


Not everyone needs a full-fledged laptop, or a tablet for that matter. And the $250 Chromebook is a perfect compromise — cheap, powerful, and capable of filling the gaps for those who aren’t power users. The idea of Chrome OS will certainly take some getting used to, but it offers enough functionality (Google Docs, Google Play Music, Hangouts) that you get a meta experience without losing the essentials. It’s a portable piece of kit — 2.5 pounds and .8-inches — while keeping things powerful with an Exynos 5 Dual ARM processor, 2GB of RAM and up to 6.5 hours of battery. Just in time for the holiday season.

electropolished-steel-foosball-tableElectropolished Steel Foosball Table

The TechnoBuffalo office still has a bit of space to fill, and I think this Steel Foosball Table will make a perfect addition to all the smartphones and tablets we have lying around. And why settle for something that might break after a few weeks of roughhousing? This guy’s $4,000 asking price promises to withstand a little competitive abuse, and still look pretty after all is said and done. Crafted with electropolished steel and hardy iroko wood, the table features metal players and built-in levelers to ensure the playing field is fair. Jon, if you’re reading this, what do you say? [via Uncrate]

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