Has anyone here actually used an instant film camera? In the age of smartphones, analog photography is a fading art, pushed out of our collective consciousness by Instagram and other digital alternatives. But there are still a few hangers on who find the beauty in having an actual physical representation of a memory. Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini 90 New Classic wants to help you make those memories, one shaken polaroid (not recommended) at a time.

Announced in September, the Mini 90 has quite a few features, including a variety of shooting functions (double exposure, Macro mode, Party mode, etc.) and the ability to adjust flash and shutter based on brightness of your surrounding area. The camera itself looks pretty slick, and extremely rugged, meaning it can likely handle any situation you find yourself in. Instant cameras typically have a few manual options for greater control, but the Mini 90‘s flexibility ensures you have a little more control over the results.

The biggest downfall to instant cameras is how expensive the hobby can be, and Fujifilm’s latest offering is no exception. The Mini 90 will hit the market in early 2014 for $199, while compatible film runs for $19.99. Not cheap, especially when you’re flying through packages of film every week. Still, you can’t replace the actual experience of instant cameras, no matter how good mobile software has gotten at replicating the results.