How often does Dad volunteer to fix stuff around the house, but really he just makes things worse? Before you call a real professional to get the job done, let Dad know he can at least pretend to be a handy man with this pair of Craftsman Lighted Pliers. Embedded with a sealed LED module for working in the dark, the set includes both a Long Nose and Diagonal plier, so Dad can tackle multiple projects over the summer. That leaking faucet, funky wiring and malfunctioning garage door? "Let's instead see the score of the Dodger game," Dad probably says. Hey, at least the tools make him look like he knows what he's doing. $30 [via Uncrate]

John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Mower

Why enlist a gardener, or even use an old school lawn mower, when you can have technology do the work for you? As Deere puts it, "Eradicate the manual efforts associated with traditional lawn maintenance." Sounds like the perfect gift for Dad as he watches the tube. By fixing a preset boundary wire, the Tango E5 "operates randomly" and keeps short grass short at up to 1800sqm. Garden "obstacles" can be avoided or accommodated by either the boundary wire or traction sensor device. If the Tango E5 encounters a tree, it will simply back away and continue on with mowing. $TBA [via Deere]

Adidas Samba Golf Shoes

Dad works hard. He brings you to basketball practice, picks you up from Oboe lessons. And he sometimes even lets you hang out in his man cave. When he's not doting on your every whim, encourage his love for the ultimate man's game with these Adidas Samba Golf Shoes. Based on the more than 50 year old Samba, they feature a six-spike outsole design for traction, THINTECH technology, water-resistance, rubber-wrap and midsole cushions to absorb shock (is there shock involved in golf?) and a comfortable fabric lining. Your dad will look hip while he shanks, pulls and hazards his way through the front 9. $80 [via Zappos]

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