The TechnoBuffalo team is about to head out to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. It's a crazy time loaded with press conferences, meetings and walking hundreds of miles (seemingly) around the show floor. This will be my fifth time attending the show, so my bag has become relatively standard at this point. What am I bringing along? Here's a look:

Vans Chukka Lows

If you know me, you know I love vans. You need comfortable shoes for CES, and these are among the comfiest I've ever worn. This is my second pair of Chukka Lows and, as always, they're in TechnoBuffalo Blue.

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MacBook Air (2011)

I've been using a MacBook Air for several years now and I'm using a model that was purchased last year. It's the entry-level 13-inch option and it more than suits my needs. Plus, the light weight makes it amazing for carrying in a backpack for hours on end.

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Sony Super SteadyShot HDR-SR11

This is the video camera I use for day-to-day filming and quick shots on the show floor. It's a hand-me-down from Jon, but I'm not nearly as skilled with videography. The good shots come from him!

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Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1

 I borrowed this one from the TechnoBuffalo offices. I love that it's so compact and isn't as heavy as a full DSLR. Again, keeping things light weight is important around here. The PEN Mini E-PM1 does a fine job with basic shots around the floor.

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CoolerMaster Storm QuickFire Pro

 Jon Quach recently got me hooked on mechanical keyboards, so I'm bringing this along with me for the hotel writing sessions. It's incredibly comfortable to use, and I can type much faster on it than any other keyboard.

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SteelSeries Sensei Mouse

Again, when I'm in my hotel room I like to have a full mouse and keyboard. The SteelSeries Sensei has been my go-to mouse for the past several months because I love its high accuracy. Plus, it has cool customizable glowing colors, which never hurts.

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Burton Backpack

My fiance bought me this a few years ago because it blends my love of skate/surf/snowboard culture with my career. In other words, it's a super cool backpack with a laptop sleeve to keep my MacBook Air safe. Plus it has a few pockets for storing chargers, extra phones and other gadgets. Highly recommended!

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MyChargePower Portable Power Bank 6,000

This 6,000mAh extended battery has been a lifesaver for me several times. It has connectors for microUSB, miniUSB and the old 30-pin iPhone for charging multiple devices at once, and it's good for more than a single charge. There's a newer model out for the iPhone 5, but I haven't purchased it yet.

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Sunski Sunglasses

It's Las Vegas! I need cool shades. I picked these up off of Kickstarter recently. They were $30 and offer strong hinges, an awesome classic design and polarized lenses. I also own these in TechnoBuffalo blue, so keep an eye out!

Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II

I'll be bringing the Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 (both on AT&T) as my daily drivers at the show, mainly because both offer 4G LTE connectivity, solid battery life, and great cameras. I'll also bring the Note II for when I need extra juice – plus, the Google Calendar support is amazing for making sure I'm hitting all of my meetings on time.

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WeWood Watch

I don't care how much we rely on phones for the time, I still need a watch on my wrist. This is another gift from the fiance. It's super light, which I like, and is made entirely of wood. The company even plants a new tree for every watch purchased!

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