First off as a technology fan the opportunity to attend CES is a treat but it's an even greater privilege to bring you the latest tech gadgets as part of the TechnoBuffalo staff. Thanks for following us to bring you best of CES.

MacBook Pro 13-Inch Retina

I was using the 11-inch MacBook Air prior to the 13-Inch MB Pro and it was great, but I must admit the extra two inches on the display, Retina Display and higher processing power adds so much to the experience. I enjoy that I have these features that are comparable to my previous iMac and I don't feel that I am sacrificing speed/power for size.

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Apple iPad 32GB (2nd Generation)

My iPad and I have travelled all over the world and it keeps me entertained on long (plane, train, car) trips, so it only seems fitting that it goes with me to CES. Other than entertaining, I also use it to check in on TechnoBuffalo to make sure it is running smoothly.

My iPad is a customized TechnoBuffalo cover from the people from Toast. The case is really sharp looking and it does a great job protecting the back of my trusty iPad.

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I only need these guys to to see far, so in large convention spaces or driving at night I need these prescription glasses  to be functional. Plus my wife says these glasses make me look extra nerdy. She likes that.

Kenneth Cole Watch

My wife got me this neat watch two Christmas's ago and I like it because you can see the exposed gears on the face of the watch. Plus my wife got it for me, I love it.

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Notepad and Pencil

As much as I am a tech fiend I rely often on the trusty notepad and pencil for jotting down notes. Siri is great but sometimes you cant go wrong with handwritten notes.

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Targus SD Card Holder

I love this little SD Card holder, I throw these in my bag and toss them around without worrying that I will lose or damage my SD cards. Plus they are fairly inexpensive.

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iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note II

I use the iPhone 5 (AT&T) as my daily driver, but I haven't found a phone that comes close to the antenna and battery capacity of the Note II (Verizon Wireless). I have tried diligently to burn through the battery of the Note II for months now and I havent been able to do so on a regular basis. I will probably use the iPhone 5 to stay in touch with the rest of the TB staff, but will use the Note II as my data hotspot and my backup drive.

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Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone

These are great for blocking out noisy background noise in the hustle and bustle of CES. The cushioned ear cups are very comfortable and dont hurt my big ears even after long hours of use. I'll admit they're a bit overpriced, but they are pretty good nonetheless.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera

Brandon Russell reviewed the Galaxy camera, and while it's too expensive, a bit heavy and just not all the way there to be a knock-out camera, I love it. The concept and technology has a lot of potential. I enjoy that there are highly functional apps on a camera. Think of an Android smartphone or tablet but with a stellar camera. Like I've said, it's a bit pricey, but I like it for being able to upload high quality photos immediately. Perfect for CES.

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Business Cards

Despite our work primarily focused around technology we still use business cards to network with manufacturers and PR companies. Maybe one day we can move to NFC-like contact sharing.

Ultimate Ears 700 Earbuds

These little earbuds are awesome. They pack so much sound in such small form factor. The range of sounds is quite impressive and beat any standard phone-packaged headsets. Though not noise-canceling earbuds, they do promise to "isolate" sounds.

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Apple Magic Mouse

I'm pretty sure our Jon Q. will vomit in his mouth a little bit when he reads that I am using the Apple Magic Mouse. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm happy with it and I can't complain.

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Cords, Cords and More Cords

I have a lot of cords and have tried to carry just one or two instead of the four you see on the image. I don't like to have to get up in the middle of the night to unplugged charged devices and having to risk not having devices fully charged, especially for CES.

The Drug Store

I try to have these bare essentials with me at all times:

  • Eclipse Chewing Gum – no one wants to experience my stinky breathe.
  • Burts Bees Lip Balm – the dry desert air does a number on my lips.
  • Purell hand sanitizer – because people are germy.
  • Advil – Sean Aune give me headaches.

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InCase Premium Backpack

This durable backpack fits everything in the photo and has enough padding to keep it all protected. The back meshing and padded shoulders allow for comfort even after a long day of treking through the CES landscape.

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