3D printing is being utilized for some pretty amazing things: Museum pieces, dinosaur replicas. But Disney World is bringing the technology to an entirely new level during its month-long "Star Wars Weekends" ending on June 16. The park is introducing the "Carbon Freeze Me Experience," which lets fans purchase their likeness frozen in carbonite through technology created especially for Disney. It's actually a pretty involving process: Fans step inside the "carbon freezing chamber," where multiple cameras are used to scan their face in 3D. The scan is then used to create the famous Han Solo pose in an 8-inch, $99 figurine, which is made and shipped in about 4 weeks. For fans of the Star Wars universe, this is an opportunity of galactic proportions. [via Disney]

Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

We're obsessed with batteries. We rely on them in our mobile devices, and need them in just about every electronic device imaginable. We also need our "inner battery cells," so to speak, to be charged at all times, which is where the Thermokruzhkus Mug comes in. When filled with hot liquids, be it coffee or tea, the mug "charges," reflected by the green cells lighting up. As the liquid cools, or once it's ingested, the green cells will fade, at which point you'll probably want to refill. You can get both your caffeine and battery fix for only $15. [via ThinkGeek]

Zombie Cookie Jar

UNNNNGGH. GUHHHHHHHH. Other than brains, what do you suppose zombies think about while they're aimlessly shuffling around? Duh, they just need to be loved. What's more comforting and homey than a cookie jar? Display your post-apocalyptic prize in Mom's kitchen and stuff it with your favorite Chips Ahoy (chewy, from the red bag). There's a bit of zombie fever in the media right now, which makes the timing of this jar all the more relevant. Aren't we all in essence zombies at some point in our lives? (Work, work, work, study, study, study, bills, bills, bills.) In a way, they're more free than we'll ever be. $30 [via IncredibleThings]

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