If Canon’s new 4K-capable C500 Series ($30,000) is out of your price range, consider Blackmagic’s new Cinema Camera. Designed with similar aesthetics to that of a Leica, the Cinema Camera ($3,000) features a 2.5K image sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range (on par with the 5D Mark III and RED Epic), a built-in SSD capable of recording uncompressed RAW — and compressed file formats —  Thunderbolt in/out, compatibility with EF and ZE mount lenses and a touchscreen LCD. The one knock we’d have against this nice piece of kit is that there’s no removable battery, and a full charge only gets three hours. Still, the package also includes a full copy of DaVinvi Resolve color-grading software. That’s pretty good bang for your buck. [The Verge via Blackmagic]

Brew CaveBrew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator

How do you top this? When regular fridge space is not enough, this Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator has enough room to stock a 7-11. If your garage has a checkered linoleum floor, bar stools and rusted car advertisements, then surely all that’s missing is a walk-in beer cooler. Turn up the Van Halen and take that restrictor plate off the old Red Dragon this weekend, and don’t forget to stock up 30 cases of beer and an additional four kegs. So what if it’s almost $8,000. Think of the neighborhood parties you could throw. The fourth of July isn’t as far off as you think. [Gizmodo via Keg Works]

Pebble E-PaperPebble E-Paper Watch

It’s hard not to take notice when a company has amassed nearly $6 million in pledges on Kickstarter with 26 days to go. The company’s original goal? $100,000. That says a lot about how excited folks are for the Pebble E-Paper Watch. Described as the first watch for the 21st century, Pebble makes it easier than ever to check notifications like email, caller ID, weather alerts, SMS and Facebook and Twitter messages. Because we all need more ways to stay connected, right? Pebble plays nice with both iOS and Android via a Bluetooth connection, so basically it’s compatible with 90% of smartphones on the market. The watch is also customizable with a number of apps built specifically for Pebble, allowing users to control music, track runs and even act as a golf rangefinder. In addition, Pebble is introducing a number of different watchfaces, ensuring there’s enough diversity to match a wide range of tastes. Pledges are still currently being accepted, with an estimated ship date of September 2012. But jump on this early; $99 pledges have sold out, with the next step up from that at the $115 mark. Pebble will retail for $150, according to the company’s Kickstarter page. [Uncrate via Kickstarter]

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