If Darth Vader ever retired to a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, this Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass would surely be above his mantl. Before the Admiral was leading combat operations against the Galactic Empire, the Mon Calamari native was just a wee tadpole swimming the primordial waters of his aqua orb. And then he was briefly an animatronic singing prop imitating Big Billy. Designed to look like a mounted game fish, the Admiral dances a neat little jig to the familiar Cantina Song and concludes his kitsch by uttering his most beloved line, “IT’S A TRAP!” It’s also just an April Fools joke. Dang. [via ThinkGeek]

Earphone TidyEarphone Tidy

There’s nothing worse than the frustration of tangled headphones, and now there’s no better way to nullify the problem than with this realistic silicone Earphone Tidy. Sure, it’s true to life appearance is a bit morbid, but its design will make life a whole lot easier. Because of its real lifelike reproduction, you can stick the speaker bud of your headphones inside each ear and wrap the cable around the bridge, ensuring they’ll remain untangled. If anything, the Earphone Tidy is certainly unique. Unfortunately, there’s no price or availability attached to this tidy, nor is there any other appendages. [Thumbs Up World via Gizmodo]

LEGO Shaun of the Dead ConceptLego Shaun of the Dead

This project needed 10,000 votes to become a reality, and that goal has been reached with flying colors. If you’re a fan of the hilarious zombie flick, then you’ll definitely appreciate this custom LEGO set designed after the 2004 movie — including the Winchester tavern. The replica includes all of the lead characters, and the set’s tavern can be broken down per floor so you can do a LEGO reenactment of some of the movie’s most memorable scenes. Yes, support for the project has been achieved — even with the blessing of actor Simon Pegg — but LEGO said “significant” internal discussions would need to take place before production can begin. Something about the movie’s “themes.” [via TechnaBob]

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